Painted Landscapes Wallpapers – UW 20 pak – AIart

Painted style wallpapers Ultra Wide 5160×2160 21:9 – good for any UW screens like 3440×1440, 2560×1080 or 3840×1600

Many beautiful landscapes in classic paint style. AI art by Stable Diffusion.

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Painted Beauty Landscape Wallpapers – UHD AI-art

Pained Landscape UHD 3840×2160 Wallpapers Pak of 20pics.

AI-art wallpapers in different paint styles.

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3D Liquid Abstract UHD 16:9 AI-art wallpapers

3D Abstractions Vibrant Liquid Shiny Wallpapers, ai-art in Motion Design and 3d-geometric fluid abstraction stile. 3840×2160 resolution, good for any 16:9 sizes like 1920×1080 and 2560×1440.

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Vibrant Abstract 3d liquid UW wallpapers – AI art

3D abstract wallpaper  5260×2160 ai-art on liquid, fluid etc theme with vibrant colors. Good for any ultra-wide screen like 2560×1080, 3440×1440 and 3840×1600. 16 pictures set. Click for full size.

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Pixel Tropic Ultra Wide – tropical 3840×1600 wallpapers, pixel-art ai series

Ultra-Wide 3840×1600 wallpaper in pixel-art style, tropical theme with beauty sunset on south sea. Also good for 3440×1440 resolutions.  Continue reading “Pixel Tropic Ultra Wide – tropical 3840×1600 wallpapers, pixel-art ai series”

Pixel Tropic – landscape of tropical area UHD wallpaper, pixel-art ai series

Pixel art landscapes by Stable Diffusion, Tropical sunset, lagoon, daylight, beaches, ocean, island, palm tree, jungle, river etc,

UHD size wallpapers 3840×2160

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Pixel Nodric Lake – UHD UW 5160×2160 wallpapers of Northen pixel art lakes

Pixel Art Series Wallpapers – AI art, Ultra Wide monitor wallpapers set, Northern nature, sunset lake in pixel art or 16bit games style graphics, 5160×2160 UW format, 11 pics

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Pixel Lakes – AIart with 16bit style lakes and susnets UHD wallpapers [Pixel-series-ai]

Pixel art by AI, set of nature wallpaper in 16 bit game pixel-art style. Lakes, sunset, woods, bright color, cabin on small islands, very vibrant vibes.

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Gravure Style Wallpapers UW [5120×2160]

Ultra-Wide High Resolution [5120×2160] Wallpapers in Medieval Gravure Style 4x pack.
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Before Sunrise 3840×1600 Wallpapers pack

Pack of 24:10 (21:9) ultra wide wallpapers in 3840×1600 resolution (also can be used for 3440×1440 and 2560×1080 monitors) with beauty landscape, soft morning light, foggy hils, lakes, rocks etc.
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Islands, AIart in CG style wallpapers

Stable Diffusion + photoshop.
Cg art style by “pirate theme” or something

Different resolutions:
1920×1080, 3840×2160, UW – 3440×1440, UW – 3840×1600, UW – 5120×2160,

p.s. Like many other artists or people in close professions, I was depresed about it. My skills were impaired. Okay, it happened and it’s silly to turn a blind eye. The approach to art has changed. Now most of the content (at least – a very significant part) will be drawn by AI. Man is still needed – I made this picture in SD, but then in the combination of SD + ps it had to work it by hand for about 4 hours. (For make this totally by hand – its took ten time more). How long the man will be needed – no idea, maybe in the next couple of years 90-95% of the images (except personal photos) will be generated by AI.

Piano Note Finder/Helper

PDF and JPG Charts for learning Piano Roll and help to reading notes.
All notes code on piano keys for most popular treble clef and bass clef.
Both “letters” (A,B,C,D, etc) and “name” (solfege) (Do, Re, Mi, etc) note naming system.

Chart for A4 (or any other format A5, A3, A2 etc) standart page
A4 Note finder Preview
Download: A4 Note finder hi-res JPG, A4 Note finder PDF

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Кошачья планета

Cat planet

Resolution: 1280×1024, 1680×1050 , Vertical poster format
Print (poster): buy print on deviantarts

Очень давно хотел нарисовать маленькую планетку, и все руки не доходили. А как дошли, почемуто очень много времени опять на нее ушло. Картинка детальная, и, к сожалению, даже на крупных ресайзах теряются важные детали – например эти черные точки на мосту и скаймеке – это полосатые коты 😉
На “постере” есть куски в 100% где их видно лучше.
Рисовал в основном на планшете по болванке сделанной в максе.

Underground – подземное

Download walpapers: 1024×768, 1280×800, 1280×1024, 1440×900, 1400×1050, 1680×1050, 1680×1050, 1920×1200

Print (poster): You can buy print of this and other my works on deviantarts

Тут должен быть текст, повествующий о прозрачной аллегории на подпольное исскуство, часть которого вырывается на волю и окрашивает мир в новые краски… ну или хотябы про то, что на картине изображены фантазии дерева, которое зачерпнуло корнями немного сточных вод подпольной фабрики по производству лсд 😉

БК Красный крылья, графика

Графика и дизайн сайта для баскетбольного клуба “Красные крылья”. Клуб хотел сайт с ярким и эффектным дизайном, и была предложена концепция “неоно-электрических” баскетболистов.
Дизайн главной страницы:

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