Islands, AIart in CG style wallpapers

Stable Diffusion + photoshop.
Cg art style by “pirate theme” or something

Different resolutions:
1920×1080, 3840×2160, UW – 3440×1440, UW – 3840×1600, UW – 5120×2160,

p.s. Like many other artists or people in close professions, I was depresed about it. My skills were impaired. Okay, it happened and it’s silly to turn a blind eye. The approach to art has changed. Now most of the content (at least – a very significant part) will be drawn by AI. Man is still needed – I made this picture in SD, but then in the combination of SD + ps it had to work it by hand for about 4 hours. (For make this totally by hand – its took ten time more). How long the man will be needed – no idea, maybe in the next couple of years 90-95% of the images (except personal photos) will be generated by AI.

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