Green day

Green day

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This is muchroom ladybug (real ladycow have a black point on shell) – little spy robot, escaped from she creators and explore it new, incredebal world.
Most big reason for make this work – i was want to make green, eye-relaxing wallpapers. I take very popular (for newbie photograph) topic – ladybug, crawling on green leavs and include some changes:)
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  1. Ура!!! я нашла автора моей любимой коровки, уж простите за “моей”, но все уходит и приходит, а она остается уже как с февраля храню!!! Вы супер 🙂

  2. Да уж…. такие работы просто офигеть, очень очень красиво. Всегда приятно когда имеются такие люди, которые творят такие вещи аж прям плакать хочется от счастья… )))

  3. if it thit the singer dan it great bot anyways it good bot i think that the singer of green day is bestiful bot i hope that he dont have girlfriend becouse if he got than i am dead jeje he is so beatiful anyways he is mine jajaja only mine ok i am going it was a placer writ heir bye bye kisses to green day and more for the singer that i love hemmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i am hes fan number 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. it is a very beautiful picture!!!!!i want to contact people who speak english.some people from england,canada or usa…i want to discuse enviroment problems,and all this people are in develope countries.

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