June (first render)

June (first render)

Resolution: 1280×1024, 1600×1200, 1680×1050
Print (poster): buy print on deviantarts: many sizes from small to huge

My lovely june again.
95% of this work made in 3D Max. All this shapes is real 3d 🙂 There are ~1500-2000 hand-placed objects in this pic 🙂
second variant[/lang_en]

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  1. Wow, looks wicked ^^
    It’s the best 3D art I’ve seen in weeks 😮

    Any plans on doing a 1920*1200 render :p
    *me and my stupid resolution*

  2. I’m looking into getting a new computer and use lots of audesk Cad and autodesk VIZ (though will transfer to 3ds max since viz is obsolete). What computer do you use, I have an alienware area 51 laptop – 2 yrs old- but it seems to not perfer as well as I think it should, and since you work with 3ds max I wanted to know what kinds of computer you use – mc or pc (brand?), laptop or desktop?

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