Mad Scorpion Gold edition

Mad Scorpion Gold Edition Render

Resolution: 1280×1024, 1680×1050, Full HD 1920×1080
Print (poster): buy print on deviantarts

This is a new “studio” render of my old work – “mad scorpion”. First model was rendered in nice dark bg. Second have more detail but was rendered no so nice – in whit background. After 3 years i make third variant with “studio”. For birth day of my friend with nickname “mad Scorpion” i make this gold edition of that old original war robot. I print this on a1 (~40x30inch ) print and thi look just great on my taste.
Original renders is: first, second [/lang_en]

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  1. hi,
    surfing the Internet I found a scorpion but with similar technical issue and not war. Let me know if someone takes this physical model, not only from the point of view grafico.Oppure if you know a site where I can purchase the model. Jpg give a model that I try. Thank you! I wish good year.

  2. exelente diseño, no cabe duda que la imaginación, la creatividad y la técnica deleitan la aspiración y el deseo de conocer más alla de lo que uno ve…
    Yo soy diseñador y me gustaría saber de un tutorial para conocer todas las aplicaciones de 3DMAX, te agradeceria infinitamente que me recomiendes o varios…

  3. Hi, I’m about to build the real thing with motors etc to make it move and with a working weapon. Ive been using the pics to help model it in CAD. I was just wondeirng it you can make a solid 3d oject that i could import so i capture the true beauty of it



  4. Wonderful! Do you have this one in hegher resolution? Let me know if you´re interested in to sell – I make photo-manipulations and I need the tail to use in my Horoscopo´s Serie… 🙂

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